Hi there! I’am Tobias Brander.

Here I give a short introductions to my view on development and how it should be done. Please refer to the CV page for a full resumé.

I have worked several years in small startups, from working in this environment I have learned a lot about conceptualizing, designing and developing applications and products. In a small team it is up to you to figure out what needs to be done and how. The three key things I take away from this and want to bring to my clients is:

1. Prioritisation

When more then one resource is scarce you need to get good at prioritising, you need to focus on what is important. This always comes down to understanding the users need and the goal of the product. Something that I too often see goes overlooked.

2. Change

Things are always changing, adapting to change by having a workflow that can account for it is crucial. Enjoying change as part of work and not trying to stop it. New requirements, information, resources and time frames. If we do not adopt to change and new information we might spend too much time building the wrong thing.

3. Can do mentality

Nothing is impossible, cliché maybe. But it encapsulate the positive attitude and mentality that I think is so important when dealing with development. Learning new things, not for the knowledge itself, but as a means to an end is a key part of this in my opinion.