Coder Podcasts Recommendations

I listen to a lot of great tech podcasts and I wanted to share a few coder related once with you. If you have any other favourites that I should listen to send me a tweet.


Kodsnack is a podcast in Swedish about coding and development related topics. The best thing about this podcast must be Kristoffer and the way he always seems to have something new to complain about, or JavaScript. It is always funny, but there is always a fundamental truth to what he says and he has made me aware of numerous problems I didn’t even know existed. The other two hosts Tobias and Fredrik are also great, but you always have a favourite, don’t you.

They cover topics things ranging from new programming languages to handling people who don’t understand the development process. Always related to coding and coders. There are other podcasts that focus more on a specific platform or technology. But the thing that makes this podcast great is that very practical and subjective view of programming and developer. There is a chemistry between these guys that make it a delight to listen to and you always leave a little bit wiser.

Kodsnack has made a huge impact on my life and how I think about my work as a coder. I can truly say I am a better coder because of it. I am always looking forward to the next episode and I have listened since episode 0. I can’t recommend it enough.

Build Phase

In contrast to Kodsnack this podcast is in English, but perhaps more importantly it covers a very particular programming platform. Namely Apples iOS and Mac OSX. It is usually hosted by two guys Mark and Gordon. They both have strong opinions and it is very educational to listen to their rants.

This is not a podcast for learning iOS development, they cover advanced topics such as functional programming. But if you are a little more advanced, you don’t have to be an expert, this podcast is great. It has inspired me to investigate functional programming and other paradigms. They always cover technical topics and rarely cover news and rumours, which makes it a great podcast for improving your iOS skills.